Evidence, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing: Using Contribution Analysis to Evaluate Impact

26 August 1-2.30pm

Centre for Research on Families and Relationships,
23 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH9 8LN

Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin

IRISS is one of several intermediary organisations in the UK which aim to promote evidence and innovation as vehicles for improving policy and practice. SCIE refers to itself as a ‘knowledge broker organisation’; JIT uses the term ‘improvement organisation’; the ALLIANCE is a ‘third sector intermediary’ and Nesta uses the term ‘i-teams’. At IRISS, we suggest that we act as a ‘catalyst’ for change. But what do ‘intermediaries’ actually do? And how can we evidence their impact?

This presentation will outline the findings from an 18-month ethnographic evaluation of IRISS through the lens of contribution analysis. Findings suggest that the work of IRISS to inform, facilitate, translate and co-create improves outcomes for people and creates opportunities for culture change in the design, deliver and experience of social services. But how does it do this? And what are the risks? Come along to find out!

To register for this event please email: brenda.saetta@ed.ac.uk